Saturday, March 31, 2018

Slight Delay: Rise Again - Live, Fall 1980

Happy Easter/Passover/April Fool's Day, folks!

The blog post today will be going up a day late. It's more or less done, but I need to touch up the art and notes. You'll have it on April 2, 2018. Enjoy your weekend, friends :)


  1. Late in discovering your webpage but I have been greatly enjoying the compilations. Of note, I almost never return to the post-London 1990 thru 1993 recordings so these have been most surprising and revelatory. Never underestimate his Bobness and double thanks to your curating his prodigious live output.

  2. No rush CWS! We're patient and always enjoy the depth and detail of everything you do for us. Happy Easter weekend to you too! Hocktide? Bright Week? Egg Rolling day? Ducking Monday here! (you heard me!)