Thursday, October 15, 2015

In Minneapolis: Unreleased Live Recordings, 1992

In Minneapolis
Orpheum Residency - 1992

To Be Alone With You - Live - Minneapolis - August 30, 1992
If Not For You - Live - Minneapolis - August 31, 1992
Man In The Long Black Coat - Live - Minneapolis - August 31, 1992
I Believe In You - Live - Minneapolis - September 3, 1992
Under The Red Sky - Live - Minneapolis - September 2, 1992
Little Moses - Live - Minneapolis - August 31, 1992
Gates Of Eden - Live - Minneapolis - August 31, 1992
Visions Of Johanna - Live - Minneapolis - September 3, 1992
Idiot Wind - Live - Minneapolis - August 30, 1992
Every Grain Of Sand - Live - Minneapolis - September 3, 1992
Maggie's Farm - Live - Minneapolis - August 30, 1992
Blowin' In The Wind - Live - Minneapolis - August 30, 1992

Bob Dylan's 1992 tours were numerous and varied in tone and content. While the year started out with more variety in song choice, Dylan honed in on the best songs to perform during the late Summer and Autumn. With this in mind, while songs varied from night to night during his residency at Minneapolis' Orpheum Theater, the overall effect was similar. Choosing tracks for this compilation came down to picking not only the most interesting songs, but the best performances of those songs.

Even so, a fair number of these are indeed one-offs. "If Not For You" was performed for the first time in 1992, and the freshness is evident on this performance. "Man In The Long Black Coat" has evolved significantly since 1989, and you can compare this more richly textured rendition with the version found on the Thousand Highway Collection's 1990 iteration, Town Without Pity. The earlier one is no less interesting, but the arrangement has clearly changed with the expansion of the band.

"Little Moses" was performed frequently throughout the year, and this version is representative of its consistent status as a highlight. The two songs performed with a small acoustic combo, "Gates Of Eden" and "Visions Of Johanna," are true standouts of the collection. I'm not quite as sold on this version of "Visions" as most are, but it's quite pretty nonetheless. It's too bad this arrangement and band configuration was not used more often.

In the second electric set, "Idiot Wind" and "Every Grain Of Sand" constitute a fascinating pairing. From the tempest of the former song, being played this year for the first time since 1976, Dylan and the band segue into the peaceful latter song. Between the two, they represent a vast range of the human experience, and being juxtaposed emphasizes the artist's skill at depicting their complex, conflicted themes without losing a sense of identity. 

"Maggie's Farm" is an interesting variation on its arrangement for the prior couple of years, and presents something of an evolution from its appearance on the 1991 compilation Undesirables. "Blowin' In The Wind" concludes the set with something of a calming denouement. The harmonica here is especially beautiful.

As some fun trivia, Bob Dylan and his brother were, for a long time, co-owners of this venue! Additionally, his brother and mother were evidently in attendance at the final night of the residency, September 3. I'm sure they were quite proud of his outstanding performance. Please enjoy the compilation, and I hope it represents these nights well.

Next month, we will finally step into the notable Supper Club shows of 1993. More than a couple of people have requested that I cover these legendary four shows, so I hope my compilation meets their expectations. Until next time, keep yourself healthy and listen to some good tunes.



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