Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Addenda: 2015 Expansion

Hello Internet!

In 2015, I have been working on a handful of new releases based on some recommendations from a supportive fan, and will be publishing them monthly beginning on March 1. Currently, I am planning to release several live compilations:

March: The Ghost of Woody Guthrie - 1961
April: Rites Of Spring - Live - 1966 (2 Discs)
May: Unknown Country - Live - 1975
June: Raging Glory - Live - 1976
July: A Voice Without Restraint - Live - 1986
August: The Water Is Wide - Live - 1989 (2 Discs)
September: Undesirables - Live - Fall 1991
October: Storyteller - Live - 1992
November: TBA - Live - Supper Club 1993
December: Roadhouse Hymns - Live - 1996
January: From New Orleans To New Jerusalem - Live - 1997
February:  After Hours - Live - 1998
March: TBA - Live - 2001

The first is one that should have been released here a long time ago, though I was worried about copyright issues due to the flood of unauthorized music from that year. In fact, 1961 recordings have lapsed into a gray area as far as I can tell, and my compilation contains no officially released music anyway. It was a hit when originally published in 2011 on Expecting Rain, and I am planning to expand it slightly; the original was also not presented in lossless quality, but this re-release will be.

It is a mystery why I never published a set for 1989 in the original run, because it is one of my favorite touring years. It's very strange, dark music that I tried to include on the two Series of Dreams CDs and the One More Night series. I think it deserves a dedicated standalone compilation.

I hope you enjoy these. I am also planning an index page to make the blog easier to access, whether you are a frequent visitor or new to the site. I'm looking forward to publishing some new content in 2015. Until then, keep yourself healthy and listen to some good tunes.


March 1 Update: This post has been edited to reflect exciting news: I am planning to complete 5 additional compilations: 1966, 1975, 1976, 1993 (Supper Club) and 2001. While all of these years were covered partially by other releases, it seems an omission to have no dedicated representation of these excellent live performances. This website is designed to be a sort-of one-stop introduction to the unreleased recordings of Bob Dylan, and is incomplete without these additions.

March 18 Update: Two more exciting additions - live sets from 1986 and Fall 1991.

April 2 Update: One more exciting addition - 1992 is getting its own full CD. For those who care, a bunch of projected releases have titles.


  1. Great news! Especially looking forward to '89 !

  2. Replies
    1. Not now, anyway. I actually don't enjoy the 1984 tour at all, though a handful of tracks turn up on my Faithful (1983-1984) and One More Night collections. On the other hand, I'm still considering 1986 and Toad Place 1990, so nothing is set in stone.

  3. I just want to say that you are awesome for putting all this out here and turning me on to music that I would have never gotten to listen to.Keep up the awesome work

  4. May I add to the thanks of hopefully many many for these wonderful compilations you do for us to enjoy. It is appreciated for all the time and obvious efforts you do for us all. Having been a collector since 1971 these are amongst the best Ive collected. Maybe a Europe 1984 in the future??. Many thanks again from Liverpool , England. Your efforts are appreciated here

    1. I really appreciate your kind words on these compilations, and it's good to hear from a long-term collector! As for Europe 1984, I tried to put one together during March and April, and I couldn't come up with anything that great. I know a lot of people like that tour, but I find it largely unlistenable. You can hear a few tracks from it on the One More Night and Faithful compilations.