Sunday, June 1, 2014

Acknowledgments & Further Reading

Welcome one last time, friends.

Since the conclusion of this project some weeks ago, I wanted to provide some brief acknowledgments and recommendations for further listening and reading.

With regard to the former, I would like to first thank the tapers who have made this website possible. Many names have been lost to time, but some contributors to the taping community stand out. In no particular order, I thank Soomlos, Hide, Bach, Spot, Zimmy21, Les Kokay, LTD, and Hurricane62. Surely there are many others I am forgetting at this moment; feel free to note them in the comments below.

Perhaps as important as the tapers are the community's contributors who make the recordings available either in their pure form or as part of compilations. These include ExpectingRain's Lilraven, Nellie, StHelens, Daveskey, Smoke, 10haaf, Lee67, Ditch, and NotDarkYet. Though I am proud of the Thousand Highways Collection, these folks are the foundations on which it was based, and without whom it could not stand.

As for recommendations, I urge interested listeners to seek out the following books:

Paul Williams - Performing Artist, Volume One (1960 - 1973)
Paul Williams - Performing Artist, Volume Two (1974 - 1986)
Paul Williams - Performing Artist, Volume Three (1986 - 1990)

Andrew Muir - One More Night: Bob Dylan's Never-Ending Tour (1988 - 2011)

Clinton Heylin - Revolution In The Air, The Songs Of Bob Dylan (1956 - 1973)
Clinton Heylin - Still On The Road, The Songs Of Bob Dylan (1974 - 2006)

Derek Barker - The Songs He Didn't Write: Bob Dylan Under The Influence

Paul Williams' series is really the finest work around on Bob Dylan's performing career from 1960 to 1990, and Andrew Muir's One More Night is a worthy successor, picking up where Williams' work concluded. Clinton Heylin is often considered a divisive author, but his exhaustive look at Dylan's writing and recording career is unparalleled; each song written gets an entry. Derek Barker's book is the definitive look at this artist's work covering other musicians' material. None of these are particularly biographical in scope, but if you, like me, are interested in Dylan's music more than his personal life, you'll find that these are the only books you'd ever need on his work. It's worth noting that these links are to, since that is the most reliably stable website for linking, but try to seek these out at local bookstores if you have the opportunity.

Finally, I would like to thank the listeners and the musicians. Without the listeners, this would be a largely unrewarding endeavor. Without the artists, we would live in a poorer culture. We should all be grateful that we live in a time when this kind of art can be performed, recorded, preserved, and enjoyed by generations to come.

Thank you,


  1. Please tell us you are not done yet. What a great series, I can agree that the live segment is a finished product, but I think there is another Cd yet to be created on the Studio front. If not. thanks for all your efforts.. what a great ride.

  2. Thanks CS. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

  3. Im still holding out hope that you might re-consider on a "Best of Toads Club" 1cd version ....

  4. Would love to see a cd of the performances Paul Williams discusses in his 3 books. Reading those 3 books about live performances is a real treat but to be able to hear and read would be incredibly informative.

  5. Thanks a lot. Great & lovely work.

  6. If this is goodnight, what a way to go. Thanks for the effort you have put in.

  7. Well, all we can say is "Thank you". It's not a lot, but since it is getting rare these days, i hope it will help convey a little of our gratitude for you incredible work!

  8. For those of us on the outer edges of this fascinating community of Dylan devotees, your hard work and generosity these past 11 months have provided much pleasure, delight, and insight. Your curation, editing, and remastering are most appreciated.

    The weekly sonic treasures from beyond the paved roads of official releases have helped to illuminate new pathways for us neophytes to explore.

    Someday, maybe our paths will cross outside of cyberspace and I'll be able to express my gratitude and appreciation in a more tangible fashion. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds are on me!

    Peace to you and yours.

    T H A N K Y O U !

  9. Everything you did here, all the care you took in the selections, the writing, the artwork, the audio balancing and mixing, all of it shines with that magical, inspiring glow of class and quality that's all too scarce these days. Thank you so much for the time, effort and care. Beautifully done.

  10. Hi,
    could you please send me a link where I can get the rest of material recorded with the Wynton Marsalis Band in 2004?
    Do you have more from Live at the Critic's Choice Awards - 2012?
    Thanks in advance,
    Greg -

    1. Greg, thanks for checking in. Unfortunately, there is no more music recorded with the Wynton Marsalis band in 2004 or at the Critic's Choice Awards in 2012. There was a spoken introduction at both events, as I recall, but no other Dylan material.