Saturday, September 14, 2013

Non-Music Technical Post, Part Two: Artwork

Hello again! This is a mid-week update, courtesy of blog reader Marcus. He noted a problem facing those of us who would like to add artwork to iTunes to accompany these volumes, but find that the artwork does not remain displayed after adding it. Apparently, this is due to restrictions on what data is associated with .WAV files (artwork is not among this associated data). Here is how to fix it, in the words of Marcus:

I actually surprised myself by figuring out a (ham-fisted) work around to the problem.

wav files dont allow you to add artwork, but if you duplicate one song from the album in the Apple Lossless format (iTunes/File/Create New Version)and then add the artwork to that file, then the artwork attaches itself to the whole album on iTunes.
Apparently, the artwork is still not really added to the wav files, but it adds it to the album - which was what I wanted.

I duplicate the last file on each album,so that it doesnt disrupt my listening.

Sometimes I surprise myself !
Hope that helps someone else.

Thank you very much, Marcus. If you've got a particular era you'd like me to look into for a new compilation, hit me up and I'll see what I can do :)

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  1. wow - this is rather unexpected ! Im on the internet as a solver of an IT problem. Never saw that coming !!!

    As for my request - ironically, this post is sandwiched between two of my favourites - Gospel and the early 80's (as you say, often overlooked!)

    So, my request is to keep on doing what you do ! Really love your work.